I Wont Be Your Prisoner

Here are some more self portraits I took messing about recently. I used some mesh fabric over the end of the lens to give the slightly hazy effect. The dress was one I wore to my school leavers ball/prom when I was 18. I found it in a charity shop and it had lots of horrendous 80's shoulder detail and bows which I swiftly removed!



You Let An Empty Bed Scare You

I Thought I would start sharing a bit of my 'messing about with my camera' shots with you. So here is a random self portrait...(they are always self portraits, no one else is around to pose for me!)
In this photo Im wearing a gorgeous vintage blouse which I bought in a charity shop for 50p a few days ago. Will share some more with you in a few days!



Just some inspiring imagery I thought I would share..
All images from editorials found on FotoDecadent - Livejournal.


When I Grow Up..

I love this song, I love this album, I love this video!
Song is by Fever Ray - Solo project from Karin Dreijer Andersson, from 'The Knife'.
If you like this take a look at some of their other videos because they are incredible..


Jean-Francois Lepage - Photography

The first one = especially beautiful.


Unwillingly Mine

I am loving knee socks right now! Wearing them here over jeans for some added warmth for the cold winds outside. Its deceptively blue skies and sunshine outside in my part of the world.. but still so cold! I am also wearing a sequin moon top from Topshop and Jeans from Zara.


My Broken, Broken Words.

Tried to do the photo shoot today. Its too cold! A bright red nose and watering eyes because of the harsh winds was not a good look..
So shoot on hold.. Here is an outfit post instead. I'm wearing a simple black dress with a vest from asos layered over the top, along with knee high socks and a beanie hat from H&M.



I mentioned yesterday that I did a test shoot for a shoot i'm collaborating on with Ebn this week. I took all of these using my tripod and remote control for the camera, hence the slightly shaky results! But It was a good practice for light conditions and editing methods..
I will be sure to upload the actual images from the proper shoot once they are all finished with!