Ok so I know I said I was going to show you some of my new photography at the beginning of next week, but I decided to post one tonight and Ill post another tomorrow night to keep you readers busy over the weekend! This is just something I messed about with out of sheer boredom.. I know its not beautifully finished or edited but its a first at doing this type of work so hopefully when I have another go it will look a bit more professional!


Mind Is A Razor Blade

Going for the simple look - Jeans are from Zara, Top is from Kate moss @ Topshop, Waistcoat is also from Topshop, jewellry is vintage..as is the bag and boots!


Let Go

Thought I would share some images from my inspiration folder..
Artists are Gustav Klimt, Hope Gangloff, Egon Schiele. Photograpers are Chadwick Tyler, Paulo Roversi, and a few that I have forgotten - If anyone has any ideas where these came from let me know!


Lover I Dont Have To Love

Stripey slouched top from Topshop, Some more cut offs that I made out of old jeans - I am starting to create quite a collection of these.. might have to sell some off on ebay! Trilby hat is vintage, and so is the bag.


We Can Create

I thought I would share some more photography with you seeing as I have had such a wonderful response in comments. The first is a self portrait I did a while ago after backcombing my hair rather a lot! I wish my hair would stay this volumous at all times! Im very jealous of those with naturally wild curls.
The other two photos are some I took recently for my friend Charlie (www.pinstripeprince.blogspot.com) when we visited a beautiful lake nearby.


Falling Out Of Love At This Volume

I went to a bootsale this morning and picked up this amazing vintage jacket for £4. Its a little big but i might try and take in the shoulders to give it a more tailored look - or perhaps i will just wear it as a slouchy fit. Im also wearing cut offs I made from old jeans and a vintage cropped blouse.

This weekend has been beautiful sunny weather here in England, and so Charlie, Ebn and I decided to go to the beach! We went to a beautiful little place in Wales called Porthcawl where we did some surfing, tennis, and drawing in the sand!
Hope everybody has had a beautiful weekend too. xxx


All Of Her Plays Have Tragic Endings

High waisted skirt from H&M which I bought on ebay, Vest top from the kate moss at topshop collection which I bought from a charity shop for £2, And the vintage satchel that everyone always asks me about - I bought it from a car boot sale and I'm sorry I cant tell you where to get one!! I guess the best place to look would be on ebay?
So glad we are finally getting some sunshine here in England now!


Between Concrete Walls

Some more messing about with my camera - Inspired by the atmosphere in one of the images I posted recently with the blurry woman looking in the mirror. Obviously not quite in the same league!!


Stranger Than Strangers

Wearing a knit head band from Asos, Jeans from mango, Vest from Zara, Vintage blazer (for sale on my ebay account).
In reply to everyone who wanted some more info on the earring from the previous post - I bought it off ebay and it's from the brand 'Alchemy gothic'. There were quite a few on ebay when I was looking!


Waiting On Wild Horses

Wearing a cute little dress from H&M which i got for 50p at a bootsale, also wearing my favourite hat also from H&M and an amazing new earring piece i recently purchased - It goes through a single hole in the lobe then snakes its way all around the ear, dont know how well you can see it in these photos, but im in love with it!



All images found at FotoDecadent, Livejournal.