Navajo Warrior

I think I was a bit late getting on the poncho trend, but finally i'm on it! This gorgeous Navajo style one is from Shoppalu and teamed with denim hotpants from Swiy which I bought on a boot sale recently for a bargain price of £5!
Oh and seeing as the weather has been so great this week I have got my summer fedora hat out again!!


Inspiration & Giveaway Result!

Photo One: Unknown
Photo Two: Peter Gerkhe
Photo Three: Christopher Kutner
Photo Four: Peter Gerkhe
Ok, so I used a random generator to find which number comment has won the top from the giveaway post...and the winner is......'Leigh Travers'.
Thanks to everyone else who entered and I will be hosting more giveaways in future so keep your eyes peeled :)


By Starlight

I have been poorly over the last few days and have mostly been in bed and watching daytime TV...But I finally ventured out today and made myself presentable to show you some new items in my wardrobe. I am in LOVE with this jacket from Sheinside . Its such a unique colour and is so much smarter than my usual looks, going to try and keep it that way by treating it with some respect rather than chucking it on the floor in clubs etc! Also wearing sunglasses from Etina and a cute circle crop top from Brat & Suzie which has a BUNNY PRINT!! could there be anything better?!
A treat for all my readers, when purchasing from Sheinside you can use code: Constance20 at the checkout for 20% off! This is valid until April 30th. Happy shopping!