I am very excited to have been featured as a lookbooker of the week on the 'Dedicated Follower Of Fashion' Website which you can find HERE.
My lookbook page can be found HERE.


All Her Nightmares Escaped Her Head, Bar The Doors, Dont Let Them In

Navy cable knit dress with cowl neck detail - stocking up for the autumn.
Yes I have Knobbly Knees it seems.


Take A Break

Hi all, Just letting you know that I am going to visit my boyfriend, Ebn, for a couple of days so will not be blogging on here again until Friday Evening / Saturday. Whilst visiting I am going to make use of the great shops in Bristol and hopefully get the perfect outfit sorted for London Fashion Week! So if I do come back successful I will be sure to post about new items on here!

I know it seems a bit overly dramatic to be warning you of a 3 day absence but I have been religiously blogging daily and sometimes twice daily so its quite a big deal for me not to get my daily fix of posting in!!

Anyway Have a great few days everyone! xxx
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