I have been wondering whether I could possibly pull off the high waisted vintage denim cut offs for a while now, and so i decided to make a lesser version of the classic Levi's ones with an old pair of jeans my mum gave to me. So.. here they are..they are not as high waisted as the ones im after, But i think i might get some old Levi 501's on ebay and cut them myself! Im wearing these shorts with a RICK OWENS top!!! thats right, RICK OWENS. My absolute favourite designer. I know its only a simple top but it feels sooooo good. I managed to find it on ebay for an absolute bargain. I'm also wearing a sleeveless biker jacket I picked up at a jumble sale a while ago and vintage leather boots.

Im excited to say I have been named as 'blogger of the week' on weardrobe.com, which is a great extra bonus to being in their top 100 bloggers! So thanks to the people at weardrobe for that!

Seeing as most of my recent posts have been outfits, here are a couple of pretty pictures from in my inspiration folder. They are by photographer Alex Covo who I discovered on dripbook.com.



Faded Dreams

Thankyou so much for the wonderful response the photos from yesterday got! Ebn has been checking out all your comments and he is really pleased to see such a great response. I thought seeing as everyone enjoyed the previous ones I would post some more stills from another scene! So here they are. These ones were taken as the light was fading so they are very grainy which personally I am a fan of! It was very cold at this point though - I wouldn't recommend twirling around in a halter neck evening gown on an ice cold winters evening! x

edit: Just thought I would add for anyone commenting about the dress - Its actually my mothers from when she was in her 20's and it fits beautifully! It's even more elegant and stunning in person.


Where The Wild Roses Grow

These are all stills from a film my boyfriend, Ebn, Has made! There are loads more of other scenes so I will post another set tomorrow. I really love them and am very proud of his gorgeous photography. I'm going to try and help him set up a blog simply for posting photos at some point so will let you all know if this happens. For now though, you can hype is first attempts on lookbook!


Photography By Michelle Muncal

Photography by Michelle Muncal - Found on Dripbook.


Embraced & Entwined

The lovely people at Randr T-shirts sent me a package of four gorgeous tops this week. The one in the picture is my favorite of the bunch but there are loads of great designs in lots of sizes, colours and styles, so go check them out here:
I am wearing this t-shirt over a vest dress from mango, teamed with a knitted cardigan from topshop limited collection, snood from american apparel, vintage brogues, and leggings from h&m.


Sail To Me, Sail To Me

This cute litte knitted sailor bib jumper was another bootsale find for only 50 pence! I think it might be hand knitted and therefore a one off! Not too sure about yellow for my skin tone though so I may part ways with this one via my ebay account soon.. So if anyone is interested keep checking my ebay stuff! x



Went for a snowy walk with the dogs today - Its gorgeous out in the fields! Here are a few of the pictures I took before retreating back to the warm!



Some spare images I had tucked away in my inspiration folder... thought I would share them after having an organize through my files! I'm not sure of the photographers on a couple of them,So if anyone happens to know then do get in touch! They were all found on dripbook. x


Lost Your Shadow?

Today I went down to the charity shop in my local town to have a rummage through the rails..and I found this lovely wooly jumper in the mens section for £2! I also got this pair of booties for £3. Im going to have a huge clear out of my stuff soon so keep an eye out on my ebay store for the usual stock plus some items from my wardrobe! Link is to the right of the page...


A Pocketful Of Posies

I went to a car boot sale this morning ( For those of you who dont have car boot sales - its a sunday morning event here in Britain where people gather in a feild or carpark and sell their old stuff from the back of their cars! - it sounds odd I know!) But at this car boot sale I bought some great things including this gorrrgeeeous little vintage sweater for a mere £1! It was worth braving the freezing cold just for this!


Next To Another

Vintage swing coat from Ebay, Jeans from topshop, Vintage knitted tunic from a charity shop.
I have been looking on all the online sales and have bought a gorgeous dress from the all saints website...so excited for its arrival!! If people are unfamiliar with this amazing brand take a look here: www.allsaints.com


Emergence: A Life In Chapters

Some spooky but gorgeous imagery from photographer Norbert Schoerner.
Happy new year to everyone! I hope you all had fun whatever you did last night...!
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