Silent Shout

Wearing a vintage coat from 'English Lady', Green knit jumper dress, Vintage leather boots with legwarmers from H&M.
I know I have been posting a lot of show pictures on here recently, So I was just wondering what posts to you want to see more of on here? Outfits, Photography, Fashion shows, Candid photos, or anything else? I would be really interested to get your feedback so I can make sure the blog is always interesting for my followers! x



This is my last post I am going to be doing for a little while now whilst im away in London for fashion week - I'm not taking my laptop with me so am going to save all my photos and tales for when i get back on the 25th.
In the meantime I'll leave you with a photo and another little video - not very good qaulity and a bit blurry but i thought it was quite interesting. It's made up of lots of photos taken at Charlie from (www.pinstripeprince.blogspot.com) birthday celebrations. It looks a little better if you enlarge it!
I love all of these people dearly!

Beautiful People from constance phillips on Vimeo.

Have a fantastic week everyone! x


London Fashion Week Approaches..

 I got a lovely parcel full of invitations to fashion shows at London Fashion Week this morning, Exciting stuff!
Sorry I haven't really done an outfit post in a little while, I will get back on track soon! In the meantime have a look at the video I posted below... x


Stop Motion

Stop Motion from constance phillips on Vimeo.
First attempt at a stop motion video by Ebn Mars - It doesn't have a specific theme..just a mish mash of things rolled into one!


R.I.P Alexander Mcqueen

I was deeply saddened to hear of Alexander Mcqueen's death. Not only was he one of my favourite designers, but he was also one of the designers who inspired me to want a life in fashion. When carrying out my textiles projects at school he was my main inspiration and I would fill mood boards with pictures from his shows and editorials featuring his designs. I am sure he has inspired many others like me. These are just a tiny segment of some of the breathtakingly beautiful creations he has come up with over the years...



Photography by Mikeal Jansson



Photography By Xim Izquierdo

By Xim Izquierdo - Found on Dripbook. x


Wind In The Wires

I bought these jeans to turn into cut off shorts but they aren't quite as baggy on my waist as I had hoped so I need to buy a size or two up - These are now for sale on my ebay account as is the top, so take a look if you are interested!
I have now booked my hotel and train tickets for my trip to London Fashion Week at the end of February. Me and my friend Charles of thepinstripeprince.blogspot.com are now attending 9 shows over the week so I will be sure to take many many pics when I am there and report back. x
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