Some Days You're Like An Anchor On My Heart

Today I took my outfit pictures whilst walking the dogs...and 90% of the pictures I took had one of them in the background. The main culprit was my oldest and loveliest dog 'Woozy' So I decided to give her what she wanted and take a picture of her to share!
I went to a bank holiday boot sale today and bought this cute little Zara blazer for £1. I bought loads of amazing other bargains which I will share with you during the week too. I'm also wearing a Topshop jumper layered over a simple black button dress and a headband from ASOS.
Woozy is wearing a purple collar..she doesn't care for designer brands!


Dust On The Ground

Photography By:
First - Margo Ovcharenko
Second - Alexander bergstrom
Third - Ali Scarpulla
Fourth - Laina Bredis
Fifth - Ali Scarpulla


Beneath Your Tree

Another beautiful item from Miss Patina.
This gorgeous little playsuit is so pretty! I love the ruffled top detail, which can be worn either off or on the shoulder for different effects. I am wearing it with a vintage bag I got from a car boot sale, boots also from a car boot sale, and thought I would top off the boho vibe with a plait across the forehead!


'Suggestions' by St├ęphane Sednaoui

Such a stunning set of pictures. Taken from Vogue Italia May 2010.
Source - Noirfacade,Livejournal.


Jealous Of Roses

Just a few photos I have taken recently here and there....
To those who wonder how i take my self portraits, I use a tripod and a remote!
If you are still using self timer, I strongly advise to invest in a cheap remote ( only £5 on ebay!) as it makes life soooo much easier.


My Heart Comes Undone

I did an impulse bid on ebay and managed to get them with one bid for £51! So pleased with them. I am really not a high heels kind of girl but these ones were just too beautiful to resist. The heel is HUGE but they are surprisingly comfy! Only problem is when i wear them i'm a good few inches taller than Ebn which means he will never allow me to wear them out with him!
Im also wearing a topshop vest dress with a lace top layered over and a vintage waist belt.
p.s Ebn took the pictures today which explains my silly expression in one - thought I would upload it for those who ask me why I never smile.. Now you can see why!


Dance Across The Battle

I recently received a beautiful little package of items from a cute online store called 'Miss Patina' which is a new brand created by students from the London College Of Fashion. They offer a lovely little range of on trend and individual items at prices similar to Topshop, but you are getting something a lot more unique for the money. I love so much on this site, its all so pretty and summery, definitely worth checking out...and they offer free shipping worldwide too.
I am wearing the 'floral princess' dress, which also comes in black. I have teamed this with a vintage blazer i picked up at a car boot sale, vintage tan belt also from a carboot sale,and Knee high socks from asos.
Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday xx


Recycled Hearts

Was going to take some outdoorsy pictures again today but it was grey and gloomy. I want the sunshine to come back! Im wearing the same shorts I always seem to be wearing in these posts, and a shirt from a charity shop. The little clutch bag is actually a vintage mens shaving kit case!!
Going to be uploading some more floral and sring themed photos soon so check back for them over the weekend!


At The End Of The Sky

I was a lucky girl this morning and received this beautiful shirt in the post from an online fashion boutique www.kisami.com.
I personally am always on the lookout for new online stores especially in the U.K (although this one does ship worldwide!) so this was a nice little discovery. They have a great range of items from lots of new designers and brands and the quality is beautiful. Check out their permanent sale which is updated regularly and join their facebook page here: Kisami for discounts and news...
The top itself is gorgeous, It has a high neckline with lots of volume and cute little rose detail. I wore it tucked into high waisted cut off shorts (my own D.I.Y) and knee high socks from asos. If you like it they have it in white for a more summery approach!
I thought I would use the nice weather today and venture outdoors to take advantage of the beautiful blossoms all on their way out, so there are lots of photos today!



Here is another little example of messing about in Photoshop. Thank you all for the lovely response to yesterdays upload! Just to answer a few of the questions from yesterday, I did use Photoshop to edit and it was created through using several layers of textures and photos and blending/altering the colour balance to create the desired effect.
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