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Just a little sample of a shoot I did the other day for Alice Warner (www.alicewarner.co.uk)
The beautiful lady in the photos is my wonderful friend and future house mate Lucy who was a fantastic model to work with.
There will be loads more from this shoot soon, Im currently editing madly so will post some more in the next week!
Trying to keep busy as on a sad note my oldest dog Woozy sadly died yesterday morning :(  She is the one who has snuck into several of my photos in the past, and she will be greatly missed...


Found You In A Dream

I received this beautiful lace cardigan from Kisami (http://www.kisami.com/) Its such a delicate and pretty shape and looks wonderful with loads of outfits! I'm also wearing vintage cut off levi's & a hat stolen from Ebn.
Im moving to London at the end of the August and have started a proper clear out of my wardrobe and room - A lot of my items which I have frequently used in posts on here are going up for auction through my ebay account. Check out the link at the top right of the page!


Your Eyes Lie

Im back!!
Am thoroughly exhausted from festival times but was greeted with a parcel from 'Your Eyes Lie' upon my return. Some gorgeous items were included in the parcel including this amazing galaxy print vest. The back is such a great cut and its so nice and cool for the hot summer days. Will show off some of the other great items in future posts but meanwhile take a look at their store: http://www.youreyeslie.com/
Thank you for all the birthday wishes in the last post!!


It Ain't Over, Im Not Done.

Its my birthday today!! I am now 23, and finding it strange how quickly years seem to be passing...
Went for coffee with my lovely friends earlier and got some beautiful presents. Including a ticket to see Fever Ray in September.. cant wait!
Im going to bid you all farewell for a week now as I am going away to 'The Secret Garden Party' festival on thursday to see Ebn's band play among many others. Its supposed to rain rain rain so I'm sure its going to be a messy affair and I will make sure there are plenty of photos to share when I am back.
Will also be updating you on my day with Quiksilver and some other projects I have been up to, So plenty to look forward to! :)
Take care everyone! xxx

Outfit Details : Blazer from Zara, Hat stolen from Ebn, Topshop dress, Zara jeans, Vivienne Westwood boots, Vintage jewelry.


Hey Mama Wolf

AHHH. This is an exciting moment. Here is photographic evidence that I now own a pair of Vivienne Westwood pirate boots. Have been lusting after these beauties for a long while now, and finally took the plunge and bought a pair on ebay a few days ago. I went second hand obviously, and they are so beautiful with a bit of wear to them. Am going to get them re soled so they last for years and years!!
Have paired them with this cute playsuit which was a gift from 'Motel', check them out if you haven't seen their stuff before! I am also wearing a vintage denim shirt and vintage waist belt.



Recent photographs taken by me in various places and spaces.


Forgotten Sunlight

Bodysuit from Motel www.motelrocks.com,Vintage cut off shorts, vintage bag.
Thinking of lightening the ends of my hair a little more... any thoughts?!
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