Whisper A Threat In Pirouettes

Blazer from Zara, Slouchy white t-shirt/dress from Fashops,Grey jacket from a boot sale, jeans from Topshop, Jewellry all mixed vintage or bootsale.
Just to let all of you know, I am moving tomorrow so will not have internet in the new flat for a little while. Will try and take my laptop to update when i can!!
Also, want to say thank you to my new batch of followers, the number seems to have grown a lot recently!


See Right Through Her

Whilst I had the beautiful designs by Alice Warner hanging on my rail waiting for me to shoot, I couldn't resist the opportunity to do a few pictures in them myself. The structure of all the pieces were just so incredible and intricate. To see more of the designs take a look at my photography website and Alice's website.
My Photography : www.constance-victoria.co.uk
Designs by Alice Warner : www.alicewarner.co.uk


Fainting Spells

Here are some more of the gorgeous items in the Quiksilver woman's line. I am wearing the 'countdown tank dress' and one of their gorgeous detailed tops along with tights from House of Holland and Ebn's hat which is becoming quite the staple of my wardrobe!
Sorry for the slightly poorer quality photos this post - did them in less than ideal lighting conditions!


The Age Of Assassins

Just a fairly simple one.. Blazer from Zara, jeans from Mango, Vintage blouse, various bracelets and rings, vintage bag. Not wearing my usual staple of eyeliner..SHOCK!
If anyone wants to see some more photos from my Quiksilver day mentioned a few posts ago, take a look at the lovely Laurel Daily's blog right here.



First : Unknown
Second: Dominic Clarke
Third: James Whitmore
Fourth: Marie Fleur Charlesworth
Fifth: Unknown



 Last month I was a lucky lucky girl and was invited to a Quiksilver Womenswear event in London. I spent the day with style ambassador Beth Jones from bjonesstyle.wordpress.com, Photographer Laurel Daily, and some other lovely ladies from the Quiksilver team.
I was given a sneak preview of the new Quiksilver Womens collection and left to try on lots of great items! I can't express enough how much I love this whole collection. It all has this super laid back grunge appeal and an easy to wear vibe but manages to stay totally on trend at the same time... Definately worth a look at the website if you are not familiar with this brand.
Blog: here
Lookbook: here
A huge thanks to Quiksilver, Beth, Laurel and all others involved! x


As We Fell Into Sequence

Yeah..so my posing isn't too imaginative in this really. The classic hand on hip and behind head in both the first and the last. Whoops.
This is another of a the great t-shirts I got send over from 'Your Eyes Lie' (www.youreyeslie.com).
I love the graduated hem shorter at the front and longer at the back. Great for layering or for wearing alone without feeling toooo exposed. I'm wearing this with some vintage cut off shorts and sunglasses. (Sunglasses are a very rare thing for me.. but I look rather exhausted underneath them so in this case they were quite necessary!) x
One more thing - As moving homes becomes more imminent I am clearing out loads more clothes. Going to list some on eBay later so check the link at the top of the page.


Like Embers

I was gifted this beautiful dress www.kisami.com. It fits SO perfectly! A great little summer dress and in a colour I have not worn much of before but could see myself getting used to...
Im wearing this with the mock stocking tights from House of Holland and an old Topshop waistcoat I have had for years. The boots are really old from Topshop and are so battered and falling apart but I gave them a new look by folding the legs down.
Thank you for all your comments on my photography in recent posts. For all of you asking what editing software I use - Its mostly done in photoshop.



Slouchy Top/Dress from www.youreyeslie.com. Bodychain is one I made from lots of my old necklaces, Boots are from Emma Cook @ Topshop. I realise there is lots I am supposed to be sharing with you such as festival pictures, recent photoshoot pictures, and quiksilver pictures... All will be revealed soon! Hope you have all had a beautiful weekend.
Photos by moi x
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