Ancient Eye

In current London weather conditions I am totally unable to wear this beautiful dress from Miss Patina... But fingers crossed we will have some sunshine soon and I can show it off properly! Its very Grecian and easy in style, perfect for when (and if?) the warmer weather kicks in. x


Dust On The Ground

I am in love with the length of this dress. Being a bit paranoid about my knobbly knees I tend to wear tights with shorter skirts but this length is perfect and I will definitely be stocking up on the 'midi' length in future. The dress is a simple bodycon from New Look and it has the understated elegance of the simple black dress which I personally find very appealing. I have teamed it with a denim vest & boots from Koopoi as well as necklace from Beginning Boutique.
You can see the colour in my hair a little better in these shots!
On another note entirely, I have just applied to be part of 'Bloggers Wardrobe'. Some of you may have noticed this site around, it has been joined by some of the top bloggers around the world including one of my personal faves FrouFrouu. If you haven't seen or heard of it take a look here, the basic idea of the site is a marketplace for bloggers to pick items to represent on their blogs, a new way for bloggers and brands to work and interact creating some great content. Cool idea huh? Some fantastic brands are working with the site including one of my personal favourites 'Gudrun & Gudrun who have some beautiful chunky knits and texture to their collection (and a really cool website you should take a look at!)


In Colour

Ok, so this won't come as a surprise to those of you who read my recent post about the L'oreal colour awards..but this week I have spent most of my time at Bloww hair salon having my locks coloured, cut and styled by the amazing Declan Shiels & Jason Lawrence. Watching these guys work their magic was a great experience and they are truly masters of their crafts. I took these photos quickly to show the cut off before the fantastic styling wears off and I am left to my own devices trying to make it look this good :)
So, thoughts?
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