Sorry for the little lull in activity here! All that I have been working on will be revealed in the next few days. Thought I would share these silly pictures of me and my lovely two flat mates Charlie and Oli... A little too much wine may have been consumed before these pictures were taken.


Shadow Wrapped

Ebn and I went to look around the beautiful Highgate cemetery on Sunday. It may seem a little morbid I guess but personally I found the place beautiful and quite serene.
Heading home to use the English countryside in a photo shoot. Will reveal the results soon!


Smokey Taboo

I am starting to really feel the cold here in London so its time to make the wardrobe transition and start piling on layers! I am wearing a gorgeous slouchy t shirt from Your Eyes Lie, tailored blazer from Zara, faux fur trim vest from Zara, Vintage cut off shorts and knee socks from Asos.
Ebn is coming to visit me this weekend and we are going to go on an explore round London so hopefully will have some good photos next week!


Caged Bird

Hellooo everyone. I have had an exciting few days, First off I have been asked to be part of the new teen vogue 'fashion click' blogging network which launches at the end of the month, and secondly I have got an interview for a very exciting job! I wont go into details until I have heard some good news, which may not even happen... fingers crossed though...
In this outfit I am wearing Equestrian jeans from Quicksilver, Striped vest top from Quicksilver, Slouchy t-shirt from Youreyeslie, and lace jacket from Kisami. The boots are very old topshop ones which I have folded over and the bag is vintage.


Photography By Barbara Vidal


Some recent work by one of my favourite photographers Barbara Vidal.

Some of you may have noticed I have changed my header - Opinions? I'm not sure if I prefer it or not, might experiment with a few others, so if any of you can think of particular images I have shared on here that would work as a header I would love suggestions!