And So The Night Consumed Her


A beautiful dress which I recently bought on Ebay - Originally from All Saints which is my absolute favourite shop, Love everything they have in there and the way their shop is decorated and themed - utterly amazing! The dress itself is so interesting in the way it is constructed, lots of ruching, sequins and panels of see through lace make up this exciting design, and the shape hugs every part of the figure beautifully.
I Am excited to announce that I am posting this from my sparkling new laptop (A Lovely White macbook) I am already in love with it and am enjoying sitting on my bed as I write this...! I expect this will lead to me updating a lot more frequently so look forward to lots and lots of updates in the future...!



  1. stunning black silhouette, sparkles that will lighten up any sort of social affair, and a macbook im excited to hear you have. x

  2. You look so beautiful ! I love the dress, and your picture.

  3. Oh really beautiful dress and pic!
    I love All Saints too :)

  4. Love the dress !!! =)
    I'm sorry, i don't speak english very well so i can't post comment, but i love your blog & looks


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