Photographs Of Me By Ebn Mars

I was going through a load of the photos on my computer the other day and was reminded of some of these images which my boyfriend Ebn has taken of me. Myself and Ebn have been together now for about three and a half years, and both being photographers we have collaborated on a lot of shoots together. The top one was definitely my favorite, giving me the opportunity to play a crazy wedding dress clad woman in a crumbling graffiti covered building - fun!


  1. I love your blog & your syle - I'm a new follower :)

    Do you want to exchange links? And please enter the competition on my blog!

    ♥ Hannah



  2. That first picture is really stunning. Not only do you look beautiful, but I really love the contrast between how amazing you look and how run down the background is.

  3. we should go out on a bristol photo shoot day again soon! except maybe this time we'll miss out the drug den, as beautiful as the graffitt was. ebn really is a fabulous photographer though

  4. your boyfriend's an amazing photographer


  5. these photos are so beautiful! :)) i love how soft everything is in the second photo of you... it's really stunning.

    Are you a professional photographer? :) it's so nice to be able to have a boyfriend who's as into photography as you are... most of the time my bf gets really annoyed when i take the camera out to take photos of our food 'cos then it's a split second longer that he has to wait before he can eat... -___-

    that said, i love how the first photo looks like something straight out of a magazine shoot!

  6. i love your blog, its lovely, and your a beaut x

  7. Nice shooting!
    I love the first photo!
    Coralie from Paris

  8. Gee, I bet the male visitors to your blog just LOVE hearing about your boyfriend. haha. I kid. Top photo is great, I agree with you.

  9. you have a lovely blog, and these pictures are stunning xo

  10. The first picture is so magical :)

  11. My boyfriend and I have also been together for about the same time too and its always good to have someone close to you that shares the same interests as yourself !

    Love love all these photos here,I love the very 1st one so much:)


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