All Lined Up

Sorry for the lack of updates on here, Been busy busy but will be getting back to normality now!


Photographs Of Me By Ebn Mars

I was going through a load of the photos on my computer the other day and was reminded of some of these images which my boyfriend Ebn has taken of me. Myself and Ebn have been together now for about three and a half years, and both being photographers we have collaborated on a lot of shoots together. The top one was definitely my favorite, giving me the opportunity to play a crazy wedding dress clad woman in a crumbling graffiti covered building - fun!


Lost And Found

Yes, I am outside again - Its getting too much of a regular occurance!!
I took my three dogs for a walk yesterday in the wind and rain and used it as a photo oppurtunity outside.. Only one dog managed to get in the frame! My feet are not in shot, but if they were you would see my bright pink and yellow wellies - Stylish!!
I have a whole load of things listed on ebay at the moment - Some from my wardrobe clear out and other things I have sourced out in charity shops for others to get their hands on, so go take a look if you are after some new items!


Cold Coffee

Vintage frilly blouse -given to me by my mother, Jeans - TRF Zara, Chunky knit waterfall cardigan - Topshop Boutique range.



Vintage Owl Print t-shirt from a charity shop for 40p, High waisted zipper skirt from Topshop. I have just bought some studs on ebay to have a go at some D.I.Y projects when they arrive - will show some samples of my creations when i'm done!


She Pours A Daydream In A Cup

Vintage silk shirt, Skirt from urban outfitters as in previous post, vintage leather satchel.
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