Burn My Clothes, Bury My Fears

Just a post of some forgotten images from my photography folder...
I have some exciting projects in the pipeline at the moment including shooting a lookbook for a website and getting video of the whole experience so will show you the results when they are ready within the next month.
I am also now fully connected to the internet so will get back into the regular posting again!
All Photos by me except for the first which is by Ebn Mars.


At The Bottom Of Everything

Finally I have found the time to do a proper outfit post! So firstly, this is my new hallway.. probably will be the spot I take a lot of my photos in from now on, so get acquainted!
The outfit is made up from a selection of amazing gifts I have received in the post recently. The dress, knee socks, and jacket (which has removable sleeves!) are all from an online store 'Club Couture' who are offering a 15% discount to my readers with the use of this code: CCBLOG15. So get browsing!
The earrings are from the wonderfully talented jewellry designer 'Zara Taylor' who creates beautiful vintage inspired pieces so do take a look.
The belt is vintage and the boots are my beloved Emma Cooks.


The Showmanship

(Above: Ingrid Holm & Charles Matthews)
I have been a dedicated follower of a wonderful blog 'The Showmanship' since I first got into the blogging world. Ingrid Holm is the stunning blogger behind this site and last week myself and Charles were lucky enough to meet up with her in London town. Ingrid is as breathtakingly beautiful in real life as she is in her photos, and has a natural elegance about her. It was great to meet the woman behind such an inspiring blog, and Im sure all of you will enjoy it as much as I do - take a look at it here: 'www.theshowmanship.com'.


Sweet Nothings

So, I am back online (although only on a temporary basis. Will have a full internet connection in a couple of weeks). Moving was quite tiring and stressful, but our place is beautiful and my room is already feeling like home :)
Getting to know the area and doing a lot of wandering around.. If anyone from London knows of any really good charity shops or car boot sales in the east/north east area I would love to hear about them!
Here are a few assorted photos from the last few days,and an outfit post in which I am wearing some vintage cut off shorts, vintage blouse, vintage bag...and yeah...vintage!!
Sorry for my lack of replies and comments on your blogs, I will get back to you all shortly!
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